Saghmosavank Monastery

Category: Aragatsotn

Saghmosavank is a 13th century monastery, surrounded by Mount Aragats, Mount Ara, and the deep Kasakh Gorge. Saghmosavank was once a religious, academic and cultural center of medieval Armenia. The churches of St. Sion and St. Astvatsatsin together with a narthex and a library form the complex of the monastery. St. Sion, built in 1215, is the main church.

The unique interior of Saghmosavank makes an unforgettable impression on every visitor. The soft brown color of the walls harmoniously merges with the surrounding nature. The sheer rocks of the Kasakh river gorge make the whole panorama more complete.

As a renowned academic center, Saghmosavank hosts a book repository built in 1255. The repository is of the same height as the church of St. Sion. The interior of the Saghmosavank is unusually beautiful. The red and black colors of some separate parts are due to the red and black stones. Red, white and yellow paint add to the whole beauty of the walls as well as the entire interior.