Areni: Living Side By Side With The History

Category: Vayots Dzor

Armenia is famous with its deep rooted wine making culture. And Armenian wine and brandy are valuable and desired present for every honorable guest.

The tradition of wine making in Armenia comes from old times and the secrets of this marvelous country are still being explored. The discovery of 6100 year old winery in this region is a perfect proof for that. The winery discovered in the village of Areni quite recently in 2007 is the oldest proved winery facility in the world. The archeological expeditions in this area have discovered numerous relics of wine producing culture in Armenia including various fermentation vats, wine press, storage jars, pottery shards of different sizes, metallic and stone artifacts, remains of clothing and many other things referring to wine making and the household of those times.

Areni can be considered a place for archeological discoveries where a modern man has the chance to live side by side with the history. The other sensational discovery is the oldest shoe found in this area. The analyses have proved that the artifact belongs to the era between 3600-3500 BC. The shoe is made from a whole cowhide.

Quite recently this year archeologists have found a piece of clothing thanks to which we will soon know the fashion of those times and the dressing type of different class people.

And on top of all, if you are not a fan of archeological findings, you will not get bored here in this wonderful place inhabited by people of modern hospitality. You will feel the road enjoying the fresh and cool air of the countryside, and the delicately formed vineyards and the nature around.