The region of Tavush is situated in the north-east of Armenia bordering with Georgia in the north, and Azerbaijan in the east. Archeological explorations have proved that the region of Tavush has been inhabited since the Stone Age period. Now Tavush is a wonderful region the half of which is covered with thick forests. The region is rich in monastic complexes, fortresses, khachkars (cross-stones), bridges, tombs, natural and handmade monuments, and cultural constructions.

The river Aghstev flows across the region to the north-east forming an imaginary landscape around its basin. The region also boasts of Lake Parz, which means a Pure Lake. The lake reaches maximum depth of only 5 m. It has a length of 385 m and a width of 85 m. The lake is surrounded by high trees which form a part of the dense forest.

Due to its location in the dense forests with mineral springs, the center of the region, Ijevan, is a famous resort town and a spa center with various health resorts, hotels and other places of attraction.
Ijevan is also famous for its deeply rooted tradition of carpet making with its big factory for carpet making.