Blessed with a mountainous and highly rugged terrain Syunik region of Armenia suggested natural protection from enemies to its inhabitants who abundantly built fortresses in Medieval Syunik. Although in ruins, many of them have survived till our days. The region is rich with sights of internationally historical value. It embracese the mountain chains of Zangezour, Meghri and Syunik Highland. Syunik Region is considered to be the southern gates of Armenia. On the border with Iran is Meghri district, where, thanks to the unique natural and climatic conditions grow many subtropical and very tasty fruits like pomegranate, fig, persimmon, quince, etc.

Important destinations in Syunik include Tatev Monastery, the spectacularly sited religious capital of S. Armenia, Vorotnavank, Vahanavank, the standing stones near Sisian, the medieval cave-dwellings of Khndzoresk, and nature preserves such as Sev Lich and Shikahogh.