Situated in the northern part of the Republic of Armenia, Lori region borders in the north with Georgia. The region is the third largest one by its population after the capital Yerevan. The region is rich in water resources including rivers Debed, Dzoraget, and Pambak as well as many rills. The rivers flowing across the region contribute to the wonderful nature of the territory. The mountain arrangement in Lori provides a mild climate protecting from cold northern air masses.

Here in the gorgeous panorama of the region one can see the inaccessible fortress town of Lori Berd. Located on a mountainous plateau, the fort has a triangle shape. The deep canyons of Dzoraget and Urut rivers complete the whole picturesque scenery.

Haghpat and Sanahin monasteries inscribed in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites are the constituting part of Lori region. Lori Castle ruins are also of historical importance. It is not reasonable to describe all these sightseeing places: all that is necessary to see with your own eyes.

Besides these two UNESCO Sites, there are other sites of historical value. Armenian Apostolic Church Monastery Hnevank is among them. This wonderful monastery was originally built in the 7th century, but later in 1144 was totally rebuilt. The monastery is decorated with fine stone carvings. The monastery includes a gavit and other buildings for different religious services. They all look quite impressive. The monastery is located in a gorge at the juncture of the rivers Dzoraget and Gargar.

The center Vanadzor (formerly known as Kirovakan) is the third largest city after the present capital of Yerevan and Gyumri. The history of the town is not yet fully explored, but it is generally assumed that the city history dates back to the Bronze Age time. The city also boasts of numerous khachkars surrounded by beautiful plain mountains that provide the city with fresh air. Being situated at the height of 1425 meters above the sea level, the climate in the city is typically mountainous and very changeable. Winters are cold and the summers quite cool and refreshing.