Unlike any other region in Armenia, Kotayk located in the central part of the country yet being the only internal region.

As a tourist destination Kotayk is rich indeed both in nature and culture. Some of them are Bjni, famous for its fresh air and natural spring waters; the only survived pagan temple of Garni and the monastery of Geghard; churches of Zoravor and Kecharis.

Besides the named traditional attractions of Garni, Geghard, and Tsaghkadzor, the region abounds in wonderfully sited rural monasteries such as Havuts Tar, St. Stepanos, Teghenyats and Meghradzor, forts such as Bjni and Sevaberd, and the splendid folk shrine of Virgin Varvara inside the Mt. Ara volcanic crater.

The gorge of the Hrazdan River is striking for its varied climate and rock formations, and in its northern reaches, mountains and forests are the setting for an array of summer guest-houses and sanatoria. The riven crater of Mt. Ara dominates the western skyline of the marz. Beyond the upland valleys of the Getar River, the Geghama range becomes a wild but beautiful upland of eroded volcanic cones, almost uninhabited, while the southern border is the dramatic gorge of the Azat river and Garni/Geghard.