Category: Gegharkunik

The region of Gegharkunik is dominated by Lake Sevan and the watershed of the numerous streams that flow into it and out down the Hrazdan River to the Arax. This region borders with the regions of Lori and Tavush, and in the East it borders with the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The Sevan basin is windswept, treeless and austere, but with stunning ski resorts, an ever-changing lake surface, and a rich history. All around the lake are the tumbled stone remains of Bronze and Iron Age fortifications and towns, and little boulder clumps marking vast fields of prehistoric burials with superb burnished pottery.

Lake Sevan enters recorded history form ancient times. Thus King Rusa I conquered the Sevan basin and made it the eastern frontier of the kingdom of Urartu sometime around 720 BC. A number of boundary markers of Artashes I show the presence of the Arsacid dynasty in Hellenistic times too.

The lake has a special importance not only for the entire region, but for the whole country. It is the largest fresh water basin in the South Caucasus. The lake has a vital impact not only on the ecological balance, but also on the economy. Relatively small lakes are Azhdahak and Aghmaghan with up to 50 m in diameter and 15 m deep.

There are many mines, including gold, fieldstone, basalt, sand, volcanic tuff deposits operating in the region.