Ararat Marz together with Armavir Marz is sharing the main agricultural region of Armenia – Ararat Valley. It has hot climate, its landscape is mainly flat valley of the Arax River south of Yerevan, including the brown hills of the lower Azat and Vedi river watersheds, but including fine green valleys and mountains in the upper reaches, mostly protected within the bounds of the Khosrov Nature Reserve. Ararat Marz is dominated by the double silhouette of Mt. Ararat (now situated just behind of border with Turkey), the sacred symbol of the national consciousness and dreams of the Armenian people, which looms on a clear day close and magical.

Main tourist destination of the Marz is Khor Virap monastery, legendary site of the captivity of Gregory the Illuminator, which located among the ruins of Ancient Artashat Capital. The ruins of another ancient Armenian capital Dvin are another important destination, while the upper valley of the Vedi River includes interesting natural sites and a fortified monastery. The fishponds of Armash are one of the Caucasus’s richest spots for birders. East from Yeraskh, a fold of Mt. Urts shelters the S. Karapet Monastery. Technically in Ararat Marz, but more accessible from Garni, the remote valleys of the Azat river and its tributaries shelter Aghjots (S. Stepanos) Vank and Geghi Castle (Kakavaberd).