Engineering Beauty Margaritka

Category: Vayots Dzor

Living for centuries in the rock stones and high mountains, the Armenian people have been wise enough to make their living from “nothing”, to create real works of art from the simplest things.

The place called Margarita or Margaritka may be considered to be among them. It attracts both tourists and the local people passing by. In reality it is a reserve water outlet in the shape of a flower as the word “margarita” itself is the name of a flower. A tube passes thirty meters deep the water outlet and you can discern a rainbow in their full colors in the “concrete flower”. This waterfall can be switched off any time.

Margarita is especially beautiful in spring when the ice melts filling the whole of the flower, thus making the impression of a water flower after the rain in a sunny weather.

The place is not well discovered by tourists, but neither its beauty, nor the genuine idea of constructing it leaves any visitor unmoved.