Erebuni Fortress And Museum

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Erebuni fortress was built on top of a hill as a strategic military center and a royal residence in 782 BC. That hill, Arin Berd, overlooks the Araks River Valley. The Erebuni fortress was explored only after the first half of the 20th century. Only in 1950 during the Arin Berd excavations, an inscription of Argishti the First was found. Expeditions proved it to be a part of the Erebuni Fortress.

This unique architectural complex is a palace with religious and economic structures located on three sides of the central square.

The temple of God Haldie is situated on the left, the economic structures with storehouses are on the right, and the palace complex with pillar courtyard is in the front part of the entrance.

Thick fortifications surround the citadel forming three rows at the entrance. The wonderful paintings representing the cult and secular life, with scenes of hunting and farming, as well as geometrical and vegetable ornaments adorn the walls.

Now a museum has been built showing the items unearthed during the excavations. The items include ceramics, potter’s wheels, a huge collection of artifacts, jars, bronze bracelets, glass, agate beads used in everyday life of ancient man.

Erebuni Museum of the History of Yerevan city foundation was built in 1968 as a present for the 2750th anniversary of the foundation of Yerevan.