Green Tourism In Yenokavan

Category: Tavush

The picturesque village of Enokavan is located in the northeastern part of Armenia in the green region of Tavush. One part of the village is a nice valley; the other side is a deep canyon. The canyon includes three caves with a length of 10-30 meters, a width of 15 meters and a height of 1-10 meters. The caves were once used by shepherds during summer time, as well as in autumn as a shelter for themselves and for the herd of sheep.

Here, in the dense forests, everyone can taste the flavor of wild pear, plum, cherry, raspberry, and strawberry. The local people make healthy jams from those types of fruit.

The roundabouts of the village are so beautiful that it is often called Armenian Switzerland. The village is a excellent place for camping. The various rest houses, two-storied cottages and camps are here to host every traveler and treat them as a special guest.

All of the above mentioned facts contribute to the development of travel and tourism in the village of Enokavan. But there is another thing that the village is especially famous for. It is the barn with its 45 horses, 2 riding halls, an artificial pool, and pavilions for rest as well as sport halls. Many tourists from different countries come here to learn horse riding under the supervision of professionals in those protected territories of 7 hectares. And if you already know riding, then you can sure enjoy the whole wonderful panorama of the valley within the territory of the club, as well as along the horse routes. After getting to know those splendid creatures, bicycle rentals are always at your disposal.

The stable is the haunt of all those fond of village life and active rest.