Armenia By Bike

  • Duration : Duration 14 days / 13 nights
from 705 EUR

Day 1/Arrival 

Arrival. Meet and greet at the airport. Transfer to the hotel. Check in formalities at the hotel. Overnight at a hotel in Yerevan.

Day 2/Yerevan – Leisure day 

Breakfast at the hotel. Leisure day in Yerevan.

The pink and ancient and at the same time cheerful city welcomes all its visitors in all its modesty and luxury. This ancient city is 29 years older than Rome. The city has witnessed four settlement phases from the end of the 4th millennium BC to the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC. Lying on the main trade routes between East and West, Yerevan was constantly fought back and forth during the course of the time. The city is situated on the left bank of the river Hrazdan, rushing across the Ararat valley. It is impossible to imagine Yerevan without the famous Opera and Ballet House, The Republic Square with its colorful fountains and the Government House. Mount of Ararat forms an indispensable part of Yerevan. Everyone from Diaspora, who buys an apartment in Yerevan, takes care that the mount be seen from their windows. An unforgettable view can be enjoyed just on top of the Cascade monument. From here the whole city seems to be in our hand. Ararat is straight ahead and the quadruple peaks of Mount Aragats right on the left. The nightlife in Yerevan is really wonderful. When we are already tired from the daily routine, Yerevan will embrace us in the cozy and friendly cafes and restaurants.

Dinner and overnight at a hotel in Yerevan.

Day 3/Yerevan – Transfer to Eco Village - Geghard Monastery – Garni Temple - Eco Village (Total Transfer ~25 km; Total biking distance ~42.38 km; Total climb ~895 meters; Total descent ~895 meters) 

After breakfast at the hotel, transfer to the eco village. Here we will have a check in at our hotel, and start our cycling adventure to the top tourist attractions of Armenia with the the Monastic Complex of Geghard (UNESCO) being the first in the list. The complex occupies an important place in the Armenian architecture. The monastery of Geghard is situated on a wild narrow mountain gorge of unusual beauty. The Monastery of Geghard (“geghard” means spear) is a unique architectural construction. The chapel was built in 1215, but the monastic complex was founded in the 4th century by Gregory the Illuminator, as the site of a sacred spring inside a cave. The monastery had, thus, originally been named Ayrivank, meaning “the monastery of the cave”. Then proceed to Garni Pagan Temple. It is thought to have been founded in the 1st century and was dedicated to the God of the sun Mihr. The temple is comprised of 24 columns and symbolized the 24 hours of the day. The temple remained standing until the sixteenth century, and was destroyed in 1679 because of the devastating earthquake in Armenia. Proceed to HyeLandz Eco Village in Geghadir village. Geghadir is a village in the Kotayk Province of Armenia. The village radiates an era of peace and serenity and welcomes his visitors with open arms. Dinner and overnight at HyeLandz Eco Village.

Day 4/Eco Village - Khor Virap – Urtsadzor (Total biking distance ~83.38 km; Total climb ~605 m; Total descent ~1,180 m) 

After breakfast at the hotel, start biking to the 17th century Khor Virap Monastery. This is the very place where king Trdat the 3rd proclaimed Christianity as the state religion in Armenia, thus, becoming the first in the world. Here we can descend the deep dungeon where the first Armenian Catholicos Gregory the Illuminator was jailed for long 13 years for disseminating Christianity in Armenia. At the Monastery we can enjoy the best view to the Biblical Mount Ararat.  Then proceed to Urtsadzor village, which is a real paradise for fans of nature and rural life. We can have a short rest in the village, have some meals and then continue biking for around 9 km to reach the Urtsadzor Eco Training Center for overnight.

Day 5/Leisure day

Breakfast at the center. leisure time for exploring the magnificent natural wonders around.

Day 6/Urtsadzor – Transfer to Vorotan Pass – Sisian (Total Transfer ~110 km; Total biking distance ~38.87 km; Total climb ~477 meters; Total descent ~1,190 meters) 

After breakfast at the hotel, we will have an enjoyable drive along changing views to the Gates of Syunik. Here we will start biking the last, most interesting part to Sisian, a city in Southern Armenia. It is a pleasant and unremarkable town, always cooler than Yerevan. It is a good base to visit Ughtasar Mountain, and the thousands of petroglyphs on top. A river runs through the town, which has an ancient church called Sisavan on top of a small rise in the center. Dinner and overnight at a hotel in Sisian.  

Day 7/Sisian – Transfer to Halidzor – Tatev Monastery – Halidzor (Total Transfer ~40 km; Total biking distance ~26.83 km; Total climb ~1,043 meters; Total descent ~1,043 meters) 

After breakfast at the hotel, we will have a transfer to Halidzor village to check in at the hotel or guest house. Here we will start our adventure to a must see destination in Armenia - Tatev Monastery. Perched atop the Vorotan River Gorge, the ninth century Tatev monastic complex was one of Armenia’s most advanced medieval universities hosting students in humanitarian sciences and an important political stronghold. Because of its forbidding location, it was once hard to access. But now a 5.7 kilometer long cableway, called “Wings of Tatev” has been built to connect visitors to the monastery and its surrounding villages, offering an exciting journey with breathtaking views of the river gorge bellow. All this truly makes the monastery of Tatev a world class destination. Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Halidzor village.

Day 8/Halidzor – Transfer to Noratus – Lake Sevan (Total Transfer ~204 km; Total biking distance ~25 km; Total climb ~226 meters; Total descent ~244 meters) 

After breakfast at the hotel, meet the driver and transfer till Noratus (10:00 a.m.) - an ancient Armenian village. The village is famous for its cemetery of cross-stones, the largest one in the territory of Armenia. Many khachkhars in the cemetery of Noratus, date back to the 13-17th centuries, and the oldest one was carved in the 10th century. The cemetery is spread over a seven hectare field containing almost a thousand khachkars, each of them depicting unique ornamentation. Start biking to Sevan Lake. The trip to Sevan is undoubtedly one of the most exciting ones in Armenia. This wonder of nature is surrounded by Geghama Mountains. The sweet waters, sandy beaches and fresh air attract holiday makers every year. Man and the nature have never been as harmonious as it is here, in Sevan. Situated in the northern part of Armenian volcanic highland in Gegharkounik region, Lake Sevan has a unique combination of great size, high mountain location, and comparatively “soft water”. Lake Sevan is the greatest lake in the Caucasian region, and one of the greatest freshwater high-mountain lakes of Eurasia. It is located at about 2000 meters above the sea level. The basin of Lake Sevan makes up one sixth of the total territory of Armenia. Overnight at a hotel or a guest house near the lake.

Day 9/Sevan – Dilijan (Total biking distance ~49.85 km; Total climb ~570 m; Total descent ~1,213 m) 

After breakfast at the hotel, start biking to Dilijan – “Armenian Switzerland.” It is one of the most important resorts of Armenia, situated within the Dilijan National Park. The forested and reclusive town is home to numerous Armenian artists, composers, and filmmakers and features some traditional Armenian architecture. The Sharambeyan Street in the centre has been preserved and maintained as an “old town” complete with craftsman’s workshops, a gallery and a museum. Hiking, mountain biking, and picnicking are popular recreational activities. Currently, many significant financial and cultural institutions are operating in the town such as the Dilijan regional financial and banking centre, the United World College Dilijan, the Old Dilijan-Tufenkian Centre, the modern building of Dilijan theatre and the Dilijan Museum. Dilijan is among the favorite destinations for local and foreign tourists. The town has a number of high-class hotels and sanatoriums, giving the visitors the chance to enjoy the beauty of the National Park as well as the historical sites. Dinner and overnight at a hotel or a guest house in Dilijan.

Day 10/Dilijan – Goshavank – Ijevan (Total biking distance ~46.99 km; Total climb ~484 m; Total descent ~1,054 m) 

After breakfast at the hotel, start biking to Goshavank Monastery - another masterpiece of ancient Armenian architecture. Situated in the dense oak woods of the splendid Dilijan district in the village of Gosh, Goshavank used to be a major medieval university with a depository of manuscripts. Armenian, Greek, Latin, some other foreign languages, as well as music were taught here. Besides being an educational institution, manuscripts have been created and copied here. Located in the vicinity of turbulent mountain rivers and village houses, Goshavank is free of outer walls. Only the peasants’ houses surround the monastery, some of them being at a considerable distance. The gorgeous landscape makes this site a most popular tourist destination. Then proceed to Ijevan. The city is surrounded with high mountains covered with thick forests, turning into alpine meadows in certain areas. The area is home to several historic monuments of Armenian Architecture. Dinner and overnight at a hotel or a guest house in Ijevan. 

Day 11/Ijevan - transfer to Haghpat village – Haghpat – Sanahin – Haghpat village (Total transfer ~94.48 km; Total distance to bike ~30.81 km; Total climb ~983 m; Total descent ~983 m) 

After breakfast at the hotel, meet the driver and transfer to a hotel in Haghpat village. Haghpat is a lovely village situated in the province of Lori near Alaverdi Town. The village is proud with its magnificent Monastic Complex of Haghpat (UNESCO) built in the 10th century by the Queen Khosrovanush during the reign of the king Ashot Bagratuni III. The Monastery of Haghpat has found its place in the charming setting of the wonderful nature. This masterpiece of the Middle Age Armenian religious architecture is built halfway up a hillside so that it can overlook the Debed River. The location is specially chosen for this purpose. The placement of the monastery protected it from various attacks and concealed from interfering and curious eyes. Despite this the monastery has been attacked and damaged many times. The territory of Haghpat boasts with many brilliant khachkars (cross-stones) dating back to the 11-13th centuries. The best known among them is the Amenaprkich khachkar, translated as All Savior. It has been standing here since 1273. The oldest structure of the monastery is Holy Cross built in 977-991. The building is massive, yet elegant. Holy water fills the small pool of the church. People say the water is curative. It was here in this holy site that the great Armenian poet Sayat-Nova had lived and created his wonderful songs and poems. It is noteworthy that the monastic complex of Haghpat, together with Sanahin is inscribed in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Continue biking to pay a visit to Sanahin Monastery (10th century). The monastic complex embraces St. Hakob church (9th century), St. Astvatsatsin church (928-944), as well as St. Amenaprkich church (966) around the main temple. Originally the interiors of St. Astvatsatsin and St. Amenaprkich were decorated with frescoes. But now we can hardly discern any. Dinner and overnight at a hotel or a guest house in Haghpat village.

Day 12/Haghpat village – transfer to Artashavan Village – Byurakan (Total Transfer ~140 km; Total biking distance ~ 22.40 km; Total climb ~436 meters; Total descent ~599 meters) 

After breakfast at the hotel, meet the driver and transfer to Artashavan Village, where we will see the Armenian Alphabet Monument. Here we can start biking to Byurakan. Byurakan is a village in the Aragatsotn Province of Armenia, located on the slope of Mount Aragats. The village is home to several historical sites including the 7th century Artavazik Church, the 10th century basilica of Saint Hovhannes and a huge 13th century khachkar monument. Byurakan village is well-known in the sphere of astrophysicist thanks to Byurakan Observatory, one of the main astronomy centers of the USSR. Dinner and  overnight at a hotel or a guest house in Byurakan.

Day 13/Byurakan – Oshakan – Echmiadzin – Zvartnots – Yerevan (Total biking distance ~ 50.19 km; Total climb ~381 meters; Total descent ~850 meters) 

After breakfast at the hotel, start cycling to the village of Oshakan, which is most famous as the last resting place of Mesrop Mashtots, (442) founder of the Armenian Alphabet. The area has a series of rich Iron Age tomb fields. Continue cycling to Echmiadzin, the holy city of Armenia. Visit the Holy See of Armenian Catholicos, Echmiadzin with its main Cathedral (4th century), St. Gayane (7th century), St. Hripsime (7th century). All of them are inscribed in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Continue cycling to Yerevan with a stop at the ruins of Zvartnots Temple or the Church of the Guardian Angel (7th century). The latter is also inscribed in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Meet the company representatives to exchange impressions and ideas. Farewell dinner and overnight at a hotel in Yerevan.

Day 14/Departure

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport. Farewell.

of pax
Hotel 3*
Hotel 4*
Hotel 5*
2 pax 1,470 EUR 1,740 EUR 2,510 EUR
3 pax 1,175 EUR 1,445 EUR 2,215 EUR
4 pax 975 EUR 1,250 EUR 2,015 EUR
5 pax 920 EUR 1,190 EUR 1,960 EUR
6 pax 900 EUR 1,175 EUR 1,940 EUR
7 pax 870 EUR 1,145 EUR 1,910 EUR
8 pax 850 EUR 1,120 EUR 1,890 EUR
9 pax 830 EUR 1,105 EUR 1,870 EUR
 10 pax 815 EUR 1,090 EUR 1,855 EUR
SGL suppl. 208 EUR 455 EUR 572 EUR
HB suppl.  80 EUR (13x breakfasts, 10x dinners)
FB suppl.  160 EUR (13x breakfasts, 10x lunches, 10x dinners)

The rates include*

  • Accommodation at a hotel on a DBL basis
  • Transfer to/from the airport in a comfortable air conditioned transportation
  • Bikes (Trek, Salcano, or equal) with necessary accessories
  • GPRS navigation system
  • Transfer services
  • Meals (BB): Breakfast at the hotel
  • Company presents
  • 24 hour service
  • Maps of Armenia and Yerevan

The rates do not include*

  • Air tickets
  • Travel insurance
  • Portage at the hotels
  • Armenia visa fee 3000 AMD (~ 6 EUR)
  • Tips

Optional activities*

1. Medieval vocal concert in Geghard Monastery (lasts 30 minutes) – 150 EUR total
2. Opera and Ballet Theatre – starting from 6 EUR per person
3. Tonacuyc Theatre – 150 EUR total
4. Cooking Master Class – 20 EUR per person
5. Dinner (including wine) and big folk show in Ararat Restaurant – 50 EUR per person
6. Lavash baking master class – 16 EUR per person
7. One full day trip to Mount Aragats for unforgettable views and Armenian style breakfast

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