Moscow – Armenia Tour – Modern Luxury, Ancient History

Moscow – Armenia Tour – Modern Luxury, Ancient History


Your Moscow travel experience begins on arrival in Moscow when you will be met by our friendly representative who will escort you by car or mini bus to your hotel. On the way to the hotel, you will have the opportunity to get your first glimpse of this truly unique city.

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Day 1/Arrival – City Tour

Your Moscow travel experience begins on arrival in Moscow when you will be met by our friendly representative who will escort you by car or mini bus to your hotel. On the way to the hotel, you will have the opportunity to get your first glimpse of this truly unique city.

Panoramic City Tour. This tour is a great start to your trip and the best way to get acquainted with many of the city´s major highlights. Our professional guide will escort you on a route that includes Vorobyevi Hills, where you will get an incredible view of the city from an observation point, you will proceed to Moscow State University which is an example of architecture from the time of Stalin and one of Russia’s leading schools of higher education, then on to Novodevichiy Conventthe Diplomatic VillageVictory Parkthe Triumphal ArchKutuzovsky Prospectthe Arbat and many more.

Moscow is the capital and the largest city in Russia as well as the largest metropolitan area in Europe with a population well over 10 million. This amazing city has served as the capital of the Soviet Union, the Russian Empire and the Grand Duchy of Moscow. Moscow has had a tumultuous history dating back to medieval times when it was founded by Prince Yuri Dolgoruki (Yuri of the Long Arms, known for the length of his arms!) in the early 12th century. It has seen numerous invasions and sieges from the Mongols to the Poles and Lithuanians to the Crimean Tatars to Napoleon and finally the Nazi’s but it has persevered and today is a thriving metropolis. The city is filled with unique architecture from the Kremlin and Red Square to giant Stalin skyscrapers to new office blocks built during the economic boom of recent years and it contains a strikingly beautiful metro system. The city is the center of political as well as economic power in Russia and visitors can feel the energy in the streets. There is always something going on in Moscow and there is so much to see. Your tour will give you valuable insights into Russia’s history, its art and most importantly its culture and people. Welcome to Moscow, we are sure you will have an unforgettable stay with us! Dinner and overnight in Moscow.

Day 2/Moscow city tour

After breakfast at the hotel start an excursion to the Moscow Kremlin and Kremlin Cathedrals. Visit to the Armory Chamber and the Diamond Fund. The Kremlin is a fascinating structure, at the same time it is an ancient tower, the city´s former military fortification, a palace, an armory, the sovereign treasury and the workplace of the Russian President. The Kremlin is the center of Russia´s political life and State power and has been home to Tsars, General Secretaries of the Soviet Union and Russian Presidents. The Kremlin has always been the spiritual centre of Russia. You will see several ancient cathedrals on its territory the most famous of which are the Assumption Cathedralthe Archangel’s Cathedral and the Annunciation Cathedral. Red Square is just outside the Kremlin´s walls. While walking on Red Square you will admire the Mausoleum of Lenin, the clock on the Savior (Spasskaya) Tower – showing the most correct Moscow time, the History Museum, the beautiful Cathedral of the Intercession (the Church of St Basil the Blessed), Kazansky Cathedral and many other outstanding pieces of Russian architecture.

Free time

In the evening, enjoy a ballet or opera performance at the Bolshoi Theater – one of the world´s greatest musical companies (optional). Dinner and overnight in Moscow.

Day 3/Moscow city tour (Moscow Metro, Tretyakovsky State Gallery)

After breakfast at the hotel start a tour of the Moscow Metro system and the Old Arbat street. The Moscow Metro is one of the largest and most grandly built metro systems in the world. It was meant to be a showcase of the Soviet Union´s achievements both for the Russians themselves and visitors from abroad. The stations are all uniquely designed with decorative elements including mosaics, statues, marble floors, walls and staircases to name a few. The tour will then proceed to Old Arbat street, one of Moscow’s oldest streets. The street has gone from being the headquarters of Ivan the Terrible’s secret police, the Oprichnina to the center of aristocratic life in Moscow in the 18th century to finally being the center of the Russian intelligentsia and bohemian life in the capital. You will be told of the street´s interesting history and view the street´s artisan culture. You will also have the opportunity to view and purchase souvenirs from the street´s many craftsmen.

Tour of the Tretyakovsky State Gallery. The world famous gallery contains works of Russian art from the 10th century up to the present. You will view exquisite Russian icons and paintings from the 18th and 19th century including works by Rublev, Kandinsky, Karavak, Vishnyakov, Nikitin, Antropov, Levitsky, Kiprensky, Tropinin, Fedotov, Repin and many others.

Dinner and overnight in Moscow.

Day 4/Moscow – Yerevan

After breakfast at the hotel, check out and say goodbye to Moscow, the capital of Russia and one of the most interesting and colorful cities in the world. Take the flight to Yerevan. Meet at “Zvartnots” International Airport. Transfer to the hotel. Dinner and overnight in Yerevan.

Day 5/Yerevan city tour (Matenadaran, Genocide Museum, Erebuni fortress museum)

After breakfast at the hotel, start a tour in the pink city of Yerevan, which is 29 years older than Rome. Later visit to Matenadaran – a unique institution, protecting about 16477 surviving materials and around 300,000 archive documents, among them about 2500 fragments collected in the depository. The manuscripts include almost all of the areas of ancient and medieval Armenian culture and sciences – history, geography, grammar, philosophy, law, medicine, mathematics, cosmography, theory of calendar, alchemy, chemistry, translations, literature, chronology, art history, miniature, music and theatre, as well as manuscripts in Arabic, Persian, Greek, Latin, Ethiopian, Indian, Japanese and others. The building guards the most ancient parchment book that is the Gospel of Lazarus written in 887. Visitors can also see the biggest and the heaviest Armenian manuscript, weighing 34 kilograms. Visit to the memorial Park of Tsitsernakaberd and the Genocide Museum. Later tour in Erebuni fortress museum, built on top of a hill as a strategic military center and a royal residence in 782 BC. That hill, Arin Berd, overlooks the Araks River Valley. The Erebuni fortress was explored only after the first half of the 20th century. Only in 1950 during the Arin Berd excavations, an inscription of Argishti the First was found. Expeditions proved it to be a part of the Erebuni Fortress. Dinner and overnight in Yerevan.

Day 6/Yerevan – Garni – Geghard – Lake Sevan – Yerevan

After breakfast at the hotel, we will explore the top tourist attractions of Armenia: Garni Temple (a pagan temple built in 1st century BC. It is the only survival of the Hellenic epoch in the whole territory of the Caucasus.) and the Monastery of Geghard (UNESCO). The latter was first recorded in a document of 1250. The monastery is also famous due to the relics, among which the most important one is the spear which had wounded Christ on the Cross presumably brought there by the Apostle Thaddeus. Here in Geghard, you can also watch the process of “lavash” making in the traditional underground oven “tonir”. Proceed to the pearl of Armenia – Lake Sevan. Lake Sevan is the greatest lake in the Caucasian region, and one of the greatest freshwater high-mountain lakes of Eurasia. It is located at about 2000 meters above the sea level. Visit to Sevanavank Monastery. During the 8th century a few monks settled on the former island of Sevan and began to build their churches. Due to the strategically good location, many others came here. For a while it was the residence of the king Ashot Erkat (Ashot the Iron) who received his name due to his numerous glorious victories. With the time the walls of the monastery were destroyed and in 1930 the last monk left the monastery.

Day 7/Yerevan – Echmiadzin – Zvartnots – Yerevan (Vernissage)

After breakfast at the hotel visit to the carpet weaving factory to get acquainted with the techniques of weaving, restoring and dying of Armenian carpets, whose quality and fame is spread around the world. We will then drive to the holy capital of Armenia – Echmiadzin city to pay a visit to the main Cathedral (4th century), which is the oldest church in Armenia, and one of the oldest churches around the world. The Cathedral together with the churches in the complex (St. GayaneSt. Hripsime) is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We will continue the tour to Ashtarak city to enjoy the open air theatre “Tonacuyc”. It is an illustration of traditional Armenian customs, holidays and traditions performed by people of all ages. On the way back to Yerevan, we will have a stop at an unusual for Armenian architecture Zvartnots temple or the church of the Guardian Angel (7th century). This column comprised temple is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Shopping at Vernissage – an open air art and craft market. Dinner and overnight in Yerevan.

Day 8/Departure

Transfer to the airport. Departure.


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